I propose a world wide meditation to spin the Moon.

The background for this revolutionary notion may be found in the work of Gurdjieff, from whom

Rodney Collins received much of his information.  I've been considering it for about 15 years.

This could be the time to start spinning the Moon.

As the emanations (called the ray of creation in esoteric astrology) from the Galactic Centers of

all the galaxies illuminate the stars, and they in turn illuminate the planets, the moons of all the

planets are the final recipients, or the 'ground' for this ray of creation. (see first section in

Rodney Collin's book, Theories of Celestial Influence).  According to Gurdjieff, as the Moon evolves it will begin to revolve and

eventually spin off to have its own family of satellites.

Gurdjieff remarked that "the Moon eats people".  By this he meant that

the 'emanations we give off, especially by crazy emotional behavior) leaves the Earth and goes

to feed the Moon in its growth.  By consciously giving help to the Moon, instead of being violent

or upset, especially at times of the full moon, we will be in the natural flow of energies.  Violence

may give way to peacefulness and creativity,

Spin the Moon Day could be great time for festivals and fun.  Everyone can dance in the

Sun/shade of the eclipse and meditate on the Spinning the Moon during that time, wherever

they are on the Earth.

 I know it will sound weird to most people. No matter, it will be an excuse to have fun, think of

something different besides the dreary old political, economic problems always in our faces these days.

Moon Spin will become a popular word, an excuse for frivolity or perhaps a sign of someone

who is slightly crazy.

We should be prepared with t-shirts, coffee cups, soft drinks, chocolate balls wrapped in gold

foil with a painted face on them, etc.

When the Moon begins to spin, a new step in evolution will occur.

A spin force exists around the human body.  This force, properly called a 'torque' in the

terminology of physics, can be easily detected and measured by anyone in a hour or two with

simple household materials. (See Chapter III of THE BODY MAGNETIC by Buryl Payne.)

When a few million people align their spin force, they may come into resonance with the Sun.

The Moon, being part of the system,  may respond by beginning to spin. It does spin now, but

only once in 27 days, so that the same face is always towards Earth.



When the Moon begins to spin, it will receive more frequent sunlight and earthlight. 

The present inference is that there is water on the Moon.  If so, it will be easier to establish a

base there.  Plants may grow easier in a protected atmosphere, of course.

The Moon, seeded by humans, may begin to have a biosphere. Although oxygen may not be

plentiful, carbon dioxide (for plants) being heavier, may form a tenuous lunar atmosphere.

Gene research on plants may prove useful to help plants exist in such marginal conditions.


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