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There is a lunar eclipse on August 28.

Eclipses split couples, either one of whose signs are in the eclipse or at right angles to it.  This time it's Virgo and Pisces, or Gemini and Sagittarius.  Couples in those signs take warning!  Strive for harmony; plan in advance.  See my book: LOVE AND SEX WITHOUT CONFLICT.  If the Moons are in those signs there may be some upsets too.  Earth is nearly aligned with Uranus, planet of sexuality, and vitality, so it may be even more difficult for lovers.

Sunspots will probably increase as Venus and Uranus line up on the 25th.


Some people say it's not possible.  I have gathered 20 simple, but powerful and effective techniques that can help transcend planetary influenced.

If these don't work head for the hills!


Generally, people don't know how much they are influenced by forces of the planets.  The same forces that rigger international battles trigger upsets between people; in couples, between parents and children, or business partners.

Knowledge is the first step.

Check out the Heart to Heart System.



The software program which shows planetary positions is for sale for $60.
It is very flexible and easy to use.  Anytime within 10,000 years in the past and 10,000 years in the future can be examined.
At the click of a mouse, geocentric and heliocentric degrees are displayed.
It comes with a text explaining how Solar Activity is predicted.  One geophysicist, Rhodes Fairbridge, said it was better and easier to use than his more expensive astronomical programs.

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