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Wow!  What a time!


Around the solstice the Earth will be lined up with Mars on one side of the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Pluto on the opposite. Plus, the Galactic Center is in this line up (the Solstice is not shown in the diagram. It is high above the plane of the ecliptic).

The Galactic Center is the center of our galaxy, called the Milky Way, which has an estimated 2 billion stars in it. If we could see it, then it would be perhaps as bright as a hundred-thousand stars. It is the parent star of our galaxy. There are several billion other galaxies in the universe so far known. Six months from now, at the summer solstice (in the Northern hemisphere), Earth will be on the same side of the Sun as the galactic center. At these times there is an extra amount of galactic center emanation available for humans.

The Moon is also full and conjunct with Mars (December 23; remember the lunar effects are often present one or two days before the actual alignment.)

Also, it's important to realize that the tiny points we localize as a planet is only the center of a much larger 'aura', 'magnetic field', 'vortex in the ether', or whatever you chose to call it.

Solar activity will most likely increase during these few days, even though it is very low right now.


The weather will probably be erratic, since  I've observed that Pluto is associated with cold and stormy days, and Jupiter with exceptionally warm periods. These weather effects don't usually stand out unless the Earth is on the same side as these other planets, and in line with them, or, to a degree, exactly opposite them, on the other side of the Sun.


The nearby presence of Mars, amplified by the Moon, will increase and activate people's physical energy. With Jupiter, the Sun, and Pluto in line, and with the Galactic Center as well, there will be a great expansion of spiritual influences. The last time this happened was A.D. 39, around December 30th (approximately).

It should be a wonderful Christmas week for people of a spiritual orientation.


The software program which shows planetary positions is for sale for $60.
It is very flexible and easy to use.  Anytime within 10,000 years in the past and 10,000 years in the future can be examined.
At the click of a mouse, geocentric and heliocentric degrees are displayed.
It comes with a text explaining how Solar Activity is predicted.  One geophysicist, Rhodes Fairbridge, said it was better and easier to use than his more expensive astronomical programs.

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