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There are a few days when planets oppose other planets this month, but nothing remarkable catches my eye. Solar activity will probably be minimally affected.

However, people will probably be adversely affected around January 24 when the Moon lines up with Saturn and Earth is approaching Saturn in it's orbit. Saturn has the opposite influence on people as benefic Jupiter. When the Earth is near Jupiter people feel good and activities go well; when it is near Saturn, people may be a bit more depressed unless they are focused on working hard. For Jupiter the 'good effect' happens every 13 months; for Saturn every 12.5 months.

Whatever happens this month will probably repeat more intensely again next month when the Moon is full, aligns with Saturn, and Earth is the closest it gets to Saturn.

Be prepared!


The software program which shows planetary positions is for sale for $60.
It is very flexible and easy to use.  Anytime within 10,000 years in the past and 10,000 years in the future can be examined.
At the click of a mouse, geocentric and heliocentric degrees are displayed.
It comes with a text explaining how Solar Activity is predicted.  One geophysicist, Rhodes Fairbridge, said it was better and easier to use than his more expensive astronomical programs.

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