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The Fifth Dimensional Consciousness

Excerpt: Mastering Times

"See" the other one because they are coexistent in time. When we see an electron however we may not immediately see its corresponding positron or positive charge because it is not here in this slice of time just now. By and by it will come along. That is it will become manifest to our perception to our ordinary consciousness just as ultraviolet or infrared light is usually invisible but can be made manifest by special devices.

Here we bump into an entirely new limitation of our conception of the universe. Einstein told us that we had a view of space and time limited by the speed of light. Werner Heisenberg showed that we had a fundamental uncertainty in all measurements due to the measuring instruments effect on what we were looking at and now we see that we have invented a world view congruent with our limited perception of time.

What a dilemma! What is the world really like anyway?

If we consider charged particles as motions or distortions in time then everything is a net of such distortions. For all substances, all material things consist primarily of electrons and protons in motion. Grass and trees, air and water, even you and I are simply knots of space and time kinks in the past and kinks in the future meeting in the now. We meet with each other in the now, each forever instant of the now and only in the now. We are a complex composition of particles meeting, twisting, weaving; wheeling, and spinning from the future into the present and from the past into the present. The very substance of our bodies sums up at once the future and the past right here, right now. We are of the past, we are of the future, we are here. It is all now in Minkowskian geometry.

Since we don’t usually perceive ourselves and others from an extended time or world-line point of view, the notions of time developed by nuclear physicists do not seem to apply to our gross physical bodies. Although the electrons and protons which make up our bodies may be moving to and fro in time, we do not have experiences of moving backward in time or of our bodies ceasing to age. Apparently the reversal of physical time only becomes appreciable for particles moving at speeds near that of tight. For a photon or light wave there is no time, but for us, clock time is always flying.

These things are confusing to us because we don’t yet have a new terminology and new theories or the expanded views of time. Just as in the last couple of chapters I suggested the term “psychological time” for our inner sense of time, now I suggest the term “transcendental time” or perhaps “high time’ for the expanded sense of time based upon Minkowski’s geometry and the findings of nuclear physicists. Let’s see if I can make the notion of transcendental time clearer by more analogies.

Ordinarily we see only a cross section of things as they pass from the world of the future and the world of the past. It is as if we were beings that lived on the surface of water and could perceive only what transpired right at the surface. Any irregular object gliding from the air into the water would appear to us as a two-dimensional something continuously changing its shape. We could not see the whole of the object just as we can’t ordinarily see the whole of time. We might think that some “force” acting on the object caused its mysterious changes of shape. Only when the object had passed completely through the surface could we understand the whole of it. Like Alice, our memories only work backward. We invent “forces” and “energies” to substitute for our perceptual limitations of time.

Of course, we do not literally see just a cross section of time. Our consciousness does extend into high time to some degree—if it didn’t the world would be just a series of quick flashes. One’s nervous system sums up impressions to provide an enduring picture of the environment similar to the way one integrates the static frames of a movie projection to produce the illusion of motion. In the case of the movies we transform static.
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