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Master Brain Linker

Form a master psychic group.
Learn how to really work together.

Enhance your psychic development, experience the awesome power of a group mind!

You can jump to a new level of consciousness, one of working together with others. Leap into the new millennium.

Our Master Mind Link Instrument that will connect up to eight people in phase synchronization of brain waves. Imagine the power of a Master Group with Brains Linked together!

Two or eight people are more effective than single individuals. The Master Mind Linker ushers in a whole new level of being.

If you have a group of 2 to 8, get a Master Brain Linker.
If you don't have a group, get a Master Brain Linker and form one.
Comes with a hypnosis training tape to help expand your psychic abilities.

The Master Brain Linker comes with 6 coils. Extra coils are $85 each.

We have one prototype for $600 plus $25 shipping and handling

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