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Magnetic Polarity

Treat with the side that makes the body stronger.

The side of the applicator which is red or has red spots on it is called the biosouth or stimulating polarity. Muscle test for both polarities by simply flipping the applicator over. If a person is weak on both, treat with both for a few days. Retest.

If a muscle test is unclear, follow the general principle of treating recent injuries or painful inflammation with the blue side. Treat chronic injuries, chronic pains, or older injuries with the red side.

For more information see Buryl Payne's book: MAGNETIC HEALING.

Treatment times for a gland may be 15 minutes, twice per day; longer for injury.

If any irritation is felt, discontinue use for five minutes and use the other polarity. There will not be any healing crisis, or worsening of any condition with the use of pulsed magnetic therapy.






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