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The Heart to Heart Analysis Service

RELATIONSHIP ANALYSIS BY THE HEART TO HEART SYSTEM is a new astrological method of understanding your relationships. Spiritual, sexual, mental, emotional, and physical connections are clearly indicated as well as where there are potential conflicts. About 90% accurate.

Presumably, by effort, one can make connections between the chakras not otherwise connected by planetary aspects. That is, in a relationship, with work and intent, one can 'grow' psychic or astral tendrals from one chakra to another in the other person. There are a couple of meditations that can help in this process. The Love & Sex Book has a dozen specific ways to help better relationships. Or, if there is a disharmony between two different chakras, you can learn to make the changes, to transcend any conflicts, although this can take a lot of conscious work. At least knowing the structure of what is there enables one to act more intelligently and can provide a direction for one' s work to make a relationship more harmonious.

The Heart to Heart Astrological analysis is based on a different system from traditional astrology. The basic approach is to first put the Hearts (Suns) together then look at the aspects from that point of view. This shows how the chakras align, one might say, assuming that at least some of the planets are associated with the different chakras.

This is  a remarkably effective service for helping you understand the dynamics of a relationship, either with children, parents, business partners, and most especially spouses. Astrology is used to calculate and determine your personality traits and compatibility with others. It will give you the information to act differently, to transcend potential conflicts, or if doubtful about a potential partner, to avoid potential entanglements. It is most useful in conjunction with the book: Love and Sex Without Conflict, to promote more harmony in your relationship.

To have it done send us your birth date, including time and place of birth, along with your partner's, or person, with which to compare.
Heart to Heart Partner Analysis - $25

Add $15 more to include third person, such as a family member or business partner.
Additional Person - $15

Or for only $15, obtain a Self Harmony report for you alone.
Self Harmony - $15

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