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It saddens me to see that so many people in the world have come to assume that violence is a last resort in human differences. So guns have been invented and evolved in capability, and other weapons of mass destruction. At the same patterns of thinking and writing have remained at the level primitive two valued logic (you are either with me or against me, You love me or hate me, black or white, true or false, and the accompanying language that lumps specific individuals into groups such as Jews, Muslims, blacks, or Iran, Iraq, Chinese, etc., etc., etc.) Such sloppy thinking leads to justifiable mass killings of a whole region of Iranians, Israeli, Americans, and so forth.

The same kind of primitive thinking occurs in interpersonal relations. It is assumed that one person is in body. Yet is can be readily observed that many people are multipolar. Biopolarism manifests as an extreme example, like black skin color or more subtle Jewishness, democrat or republican, and even our technology and mathematical emphasis on 0 or 1, two valued that forms the basis of computer technology, information processing, and more subtly in our thinking.

So to have gun control or not?

Many killings occur between spouses, or even some children and their parents. Different sub personae, emerge at different times, and sometimes sub personalities take over the bodily actions strongly enough to shoot guns and kill others. If guns were not available, such behaviors would be limited to knives, clubs, poisons, and personal activities. The killing of people would be limited. The use of guns amplifies “nutty” behavior. The use of bombs and biological weapons amplifies nutty behavior even more. And nuclear weapons....

So why are people multipolar? They are sometimes raised with stresses that split the personality. They are affected by solar and geomagnetic activity which produces changes in brain rhythms and hormone balance. The full Moon effect is well known. PMS in women is a well known hormonal condition which adversely affects many women.

At a large social level, historical psychologist, Raymond Wheeler (now deceased) discovered that international battles come in cycles. These cycles have been associated with rapidly changing solar activity, which occurs twice every eleven years as solar activity rapidly ascends to a peak, and after a couple of years rapidly descends. I call it MMS or ‘Male Macho Syndrome’. Different sub personalities (called psychotic) affect some men, who in turn may affect others resulting in ‘war fever’, especially in military minds.

Also I have observed that water is directly affected by emanations from planets, which can bring different sub personalities into manifestation and sometimes control. One company’s products are based on effects of emanations on water from other stars.


So it seems that issue of gun control is symptom treatment. The underlying causes are long past and seems hopelessly entangled in the wrong education of children and lack of knowledge of the full world; the stars and planets.

World Peace begins with love for ants and flowers, and trees.

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