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General Exercise

Some General Comments About Exercise


Breath is basic to life. The human being can be considered as an air-gas engine. The lungs are the primary pump and the heart is the secondary pump. Both transport oxygen into and around the body. Vitality begins with the breathing in of oxygen. As your breathing increases, your circulation becomes more active. The increased flow of oxygen will give you a glow of health and vitality. When the breathing is vigorously done with every exercise, they will perhaps be twice as effective. Even if you do the exercise lightly or moderately for some reason, make an effort to do the breathing more actively and intensely than demanded by your body for doing that particular exercise.

Most of the exercises in this deck are meant to be done with vigorous breathing, often known as “breath of fire”. This is an abdominal breathing pattern, where the belly goes out on the inhale and is forced sharply in on the exhale. A good way to learn breath of fire is to inhale, relax the stomach, then exhale heard and suck the stomach in quickly as much as  possible. A few minutes practice should lock the pattern into your system. Do not become concerned if you become a little dizzy. This is merely a sign that you are not used to getting so much oxygen. Slow down slightly for a few minutes or days and push on through any resistance. All experiences of dizziness will soon vanish as you become used to doubling or tripling your air intake and you will feel great!



The exercises are generally designed to take about three minutes each. Although this is a long time, psychologically speaking, for some exercise, please make a determined effort to perform them for that long. Use a clock with a sweep second hand to keep you honest. You will find after one or two minutes that something changes – the exercise will become smoother and easier. You breathing will carry them along. Your will power will be strengthened along with your physical body when you perform even a simple exercise beyond the point where your inclination otherwise would be to quit.



If an exercise is painful, don’t do it. Pain is a message saying “stop”. If it is merely difficult or tiring, please set yourself the goal of pressing on, if not today, then the next time – build up your WILL POWER. Then you will have the “PsychoEnergy” to do what you wish in this life!

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