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As the universe expands so does God, for God resides in the universe and continually creates the universe. The universe that we detect through our telescopes is large, yet it is only a tiny fraction of everything in existence. The outer universe of stars and billions of galaxies flowers into universes forming in different times, for our definition of time lacks awareness of the fullness of what exists. Imagination sees, but instruments have not yet been devised which can detect parallel realities*

There are also parallel universes, God dwells within those too. There is no time, no size; however small, there is no galaxies in which God doesn’t dwell.

God burns brighter in places where matter is more organized. Indeed organization of matter done by the consciousness if God is to serve God, so God can play. We are all God’s playthings animated by specks of self awareness more visible than in rocks or trees. Scientists have just begun to realize that there are other forces, forces which organize matter into structure and form. The forces have to be present or all would collapse.

People look for God out there or look for good within, yet people are just another expression of God.

There is not evil, nor good, there is playful organization of more complex, more creative structures. Every cell connects to every other one. The cells receive information, transmit it on, receive information from higher organizations, and transmit them down **

Human thought, consists of a new kind of information, which can be passed around, passed down to the cells, and human thought can be influenced from higher organized entities just as we can. A little bit the cell and atoms in our bodies, so too, we are directed from higher organized organisms of which we are currently unaware.

Within the range of our existence, within the guiding rules of our physics, chemistry, and organized structures, we have freewill. So does every other animal, plant, rock, molecule, and atom, every giant planet, star, galaxy, galactic cluster, and branched sets of others. All this play and inter play, may be imagined, though not wholly grasped by small computer minds.

Helping the other aspects of God (or at least not hindering) flower is what we call ‘love’. Destroying the other aspects of flowering conscious may be called hate. Will you, won’t you join the dance?

*One in Italy

** The touch’s tone of life

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