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Why Global Meditations?

We create our own reality is a popular notion. Is it correct? If so, then we must also create our own social reality. Global meditations can be considered experiments to test to what, if any, degree that is true. So far it looks like it's at least 80% true.
Every thought we think affects millions of atoms and molecules in the body. Some thoughts, especially if accompanied by strong feelings, can directly affect atoms and molecules outside the body. This ability, called psychokinesis, has been demonstrated in many careful laboratory studies. To test whether or not there was a group synergistic effect (greater than the sum of individual parts) an experiment was proposed. Called the PK Skylab Project it was organized in 1979 as an attempt to raise the space station called Skylab into a higher orbit as it was about to crash into Earth. The notion caught the public's attention, and a meditation/visualization was broadcast on about 40 radio stations around the world at the appointed time. The results showed a small effect according to a scientist at NASA a few weeks after the meditation. The effect was indirect. The activity of the Sun decreased which increased the density of the atmosphere and caused it to contract. This allowed the space station to stay in orbit longer than predicted because it didn't hit as many air molecules to slow it down. Nevertheless it did eventually splash into the ocean.
Since then other global meditations have taken place for the purposes of crime reduction, world peace, altering the course of a hurricane, or simply as an experiment. Positive results were obtained in most cases, although clear results aren't always measurable.
Parallel projects making use of group thought power for personal healing have been taking place for many years. Prayers, meditations, or visualizations for ill people have been shown to work, even over large distances. There is no doubt that thoughts have power. Radio, TV, and now the internet provide people with the capability to communicate all over the planet. This makes it easier for people to synchronize their thoughts with others in ever larger groups.

What is the Mechanism?

What is going on? How can this be explained?
Until recently no one could figure out and prove by experimental observations how thoughts and emotions could directly affect matter outside the body. But in the 70's a heretofore unnoticed force was rediscovered which now looks like it could help explain PK and healing at a distance.
A simple frame, with a few magnets on it, suspended over the body is observed to rotate a few degrees. Some people could make it rotate by intention. The frame rotates for everyone; the amount seems to depend on their vitality at the time and changes in Earth's magnetic field.
Although related to magnetism, this force is different. It could be called 'subtle magnetism' or a 'spin force' since rotation was usually observed. It affects all matter, not just moving charged particles as does ordinary magnetism. It appears to be much larger than the body's electrostatic, magnetic, or gravitational field.
In 2002, Dr. Ron Hruby found the amplitude of this subtle magnetic force (also called a 'spin force') around a 'subject' varied exactly at the times (18 out of 18 trials) when a small group of people ten miles away were thinking/visualizing/praying on the subject's health. In other words, focusing on a person can influence their subtle magnetic field. Working from another angle, some Russian scientists discovered what they called a 'torsion field' (spin field) and estimated that it travels very much faster than the speed of light. Taken together all the experiments on distant healing and psi phenomena suggest that classical forces of physics need to be expanded to include this subtle magnetic force.
When large numbers of people meditate with a common aim, presumably their subtle fields coalesce in some way to produce a synergistic effect. How could this be?
A chunk of iron appears magnetized to our gross senses when only one electron out of 26 in each iron atom is spin organized by an external magnetic field. This is less than 10%. In a laser crystal, only 10% of the atoms need to be aligned to make the entire crystal laze. When a fairly large number of people meditate their subtle magnetic fields may align, and somehow blend or combine with others, even if they are distant from one another. Even people not meditating may be swept along by a kind of resonance or sympathetic vibration to form a mass coherent field. As seen from a distance, the Earth could appear to be 'subtly magnetized'.
How many people need to synchronize their thoughts before a kind of transcoherence of their subtle magnetic fields spreads to everyone? This has not yet been measured, but estimated to be from 1% to 10%. More careful measurements of specific global meditations effects need be done.

Given global thought coherence, what can be done? What can we do if we work together?
Global meditations won't necessarily 'heal' problems. They may change the context in which we view these problems so they can be solved by other solutions.

Can such meditations help bring about peace in the middle east? Influence the weather?

Promote planetary healing of AIDS, cancer and other disease?
A global mediation/visualization was carried out on alleviating cancer and AIDS August 27,
. This was a first step towards global efforts to heal disease.
Can large scale meditations enhance crop growth, or blow away crop pests? Deflect an asteroid headed our way? What are the limits? We must find out. Carefully. Please send your ideas to the Academy for Peace Research.


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