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Be a Shareholder in APR!

Tired of the endless news about insane people fighting, about violence, thievery, murder, graft or domestic strike?  Tired of the US military spending billions on more nuclear weapons, fighter planes, tanks, and guided missiles while the rest of the economy worsens - killing us slowly to save our lives?

To paraphrase Joan Baez: The world has gone mad, but you don't have to go mad with it.  Become a share holder in the Academy for Peace Research.  Help support the Academy's research on the cycles of wars, how to predict them and some way to avoid them.

As a share holder in a non-profit corporation, you will receive dividends in the form of benefits and product (at a discount).  You will receive one heart shaped magnet and one super powerful neodymium magnet.

Plus, a twenty page illustrated manual showing where the magnets can be placed on the body for good results.

If you choose, you can participate in the Win the Lottery project by combining thought power.

The Academy for Peace Research has been researching wars and violence for twenty years.  We have found:

  • The triggering factors of international battles

  • Why wars come in cycles

  • How to predict them (within a few days sometimes)

  • Some ways to avoid them

  • Their connection with domestic squabbles and how to transcend them

This frontier science is often outside the guide lines of traditional foundations, so we decided to sell stock in a non-profit corporation.  This will be a new kind of legal entity.  Non material dividends, in the form of benefits, will be available to share holders.  For only $27 you can become a share holder in the Academy for Peace Research.

It is not about money, it's about changing world consciousness.

See www.buryl.com for more information

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