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June 20, 2008

How provident!
Around June 17, the Earth is close to aligning with the Galactic Center, an enormous influence on the Earth, celebrated for thousands of years by people everywhere. Also these few days, the planet Pluto, which I have found helps focus 'spiritual' or  attunement to a higher energies, aligns with the galactic center. Venus, often associated with love, lines up on the other side of the Sun, with Earth, Pluto, and the Galactic Center.

On the 18th, the Moon aligns with Pluto, sometimes bringing cooler weather.  The Moon aligns with Jupiter, the most benefic planet on June 19.  This should be a wonderful week for the Earth.

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Astrologer Katharina Bless, from Thailand, wrote the following analysis of this period.

Looking at the chart of the day, it seems that the most powerful alignment is on the 19th 4.44am (here in CR) when there is the exact full moon. I am not sure what time zone you are in now, but if you are here in Thailand, this is the important moment. I attach you the chart.
Moon/Pluto and Sun/Venus in opposition is truly strong and might bring the long awaited changes. The energy in the time of the alignment is amplified on this day by Moon/Pluto and there could be an emotional outburst... shift... depending on the mass consciousness of the place. I am sure that Venus is helping, it's' like a "good Friday" energy.. .like tomorrow the real good Friday when we also have a full moon and equinox... in June there is full moon and solstice!!
Maybe this is the final balancing act? Pluto is for me a very special and powerful energy, the energy of the dark Goddess, the ever fertile womb, the creation in the dark void.... when Pluto is in such a powerful position, I am sure that something very special is going to happen.


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