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       Buryl Richard Payne was a pioneer, thought leader, a true humanitarian, and he lived an extraordinary life. He contributed greatly to the world through his published books and articles, innovative teachings, breakthrough inventions in human wellness (some patented), and leadership in the Human Peace Movement. From healing instruments, to the granola bar, to Hands Across America in the 70’s, his work was cathartic to human evolution. An outdoorsman, he radiated with an energy and optimism and was beloved by many.

       Buryl was born in Tacoma, Washington. He graduated from Queen Anne High School in Seattle. He graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle with advanced degrees: a Master's in Physics and a Doctorate in Psychology. Buryl had a early interest in mathematics and science. He used his paper route money to buy materials for experiments in chemistry and rocket propulsion. One of his rockets memorably failed to gain height and shattered a neighbor's window. Other early interests, which became life-long pursuits, were bicycling, hiking, mountain climbing, sailing, and swimming. Buryl had native gifts as an original thinker and inventor. He was a true mountaineer climbing every mountain, and waterman, swimming in every ocean and lake possible.

       Buryl was the oldest of 5 children. Parents: Mother: Dorothea Smith Payne - housewife. Father: Gerald Thomas Payne - Battalion Chief, Tacoma Fire Department. He has 1 deceased and 3 remaining siblings, all born in Tacoma, Washington. Twins: Kate Tamara (Payne) Peck of Sequim, Washington and Sun City, Arizona and Nick Payne of Ferndale, Washington. Ron Payne of Vashon Island, Washington. His sister Nadine (Payne) Johnson passed away earlier in 2017. He had 3 Daughters: Debbie, Melissa and Katie Payne and 3 Sons: Jarl Payne of Santa Cruz Mountains, California. Adam Payne of Edmond, Oklahoma and Deyess Kanaloa Payne of Santa Cruz, California. Ex-wife and lifelong friend - Andrea Robinson of Santa Cruz, California.

       His life was rich in learning and ideas and in global travels. He had great adventures from the seas to the mountains. His spirituality was also a form of wealth, which he shared willingly with others. He embraced the brother/sisterhood of humanity. His truth was that our shared thinking co-creates the world. As a gregarious Gemini, he was especially gifted in initiating community events, parties and gatherings. If there was music to dance to, he’d enthusiastically take the opportunity to move his body and escape his intellectual projects.

       Buryl was one of the healthiest and life-filled guys you’d ever meet. He was a daily beach runner, yogi and mediator. He believed in a healthy lifestyle, eating pure and simple living foods, and tended to his own tiny garden. He found interest in studying astronomy, astrology and achieved mastery in several forms of magnetism. THE BODY MAGNETIC was one of his most popular books. He had both a spiritual connection to the Sun, and devoted years of extensive studies in solar activity, NASA data, theories and correlations to geomagnetic fields and human behavior.

       He grew up in Tacoma, Washington before moving later to Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts. In the last 30 years he lived in Haena, Hawaii, Santa Cruz, California, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Boulder, Colorado, and finally settled by beautiful New Brighton Beach in Capitola, California. In 1982, in New Zealand, Buryl founded the Academy for Peace Research to help disseminate information about war cycles, how to predict them and possible ways to avoid them. The work has already been done; it only needs helping hands to spread the information around the world.

       Buryl Richard Payne, Ph.D. passed away on August 17, 2017 at the age of 85. In his last decade, he struggled with a motor neuron disorder similar to ALS which brought on many obstacles. Still, he remained fueled and committed, continuing experiments, measurements, professional outreach, published writings of books and articles. He worked seven days per week, never owned a TV, typed on an electric typewriter, and did a small amount of online work (though he never liked the screens and outsourced computer work). He especially loved being with children. His final passionate project involved utilizing the psychic powers of gifted children, and he planned to found a school in New Zealand which could effectively study this in depth. Those in his circle know that it may take time, but his vision will someday be realized. His followers know that whatever dimension he’s now in, his contributions will go on forever. His impact on the lives of fans, friends and family runs deep, and he will be missed.

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